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1. Do I need a paypal account to purchase from your site?
No you do not. Paypal simply manages transactions for our site. You can elect to create a paypal account after you enter your billing, shipping and credit card information. Or you can choose not to.

2. Can I order over the phone?
Yes! Just call a customer service representative at 1-203-500-2030. They will assist you in purchasing your Moosh Pillow™ products.

3. Can I pay by check?
Yes! Just call a customer service representative at 1-203-500-2030 to receive a customer number and mail your payment to

1400 NE Miami Gardens Dr Suite 210
N. Miami Beach, FL 33179

Please make checks payable to "Mooshpillow.com"

In your envelope please make sure to submit your shipping information and the color and amount of each Moosh Pillow™ you want. Each Moosh Pillow™ costs $25.00 each in the US, $30.00 each in Canada, and $40.00 each in Australia and Hong Kong; this will include your shipping costs. Enjoy your moosh!

4. How do I cancel my order?
Just write an email to service@mooshpillow.com and ask to cancel your order.  If your order has not been shipped out, you will receive a
refund, minus a 10% fee for processing the cancellation.  Merchandise returned more than 14 days after receipt of order will be eligible for a merchandise exchange only.  Shipping costs will not be refunded on any orders, and refunds will be issued to the original form of payment or by mail check.

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