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Moosh Pillow™ for comfort
Moosh Pillow™ for fun.
Moosh Pillow™ to decorate your home
Moosh Pillow™ to squeeze.
Moosh Pillow™ to relieve stress.
Moosh Pillow™ to relieve pain
Moosh Pillow™ for pillow fights
Moosh Pillow™ to get chicks
Moosh Pillow™ at home
Moosh Pillow™ at work
Moosh Pillow™ on your couch
Moosh Pillow™ in your bed
Moosh Pillow™ on the plane
Moosh Pillow™ to have people grab your moosh!

Mooshpillow.com was conceived and launched by The Rebel Billionaire’s Steve Berke, and is the first company ever founded ON a reality show! Moosh Pillow™ is an exciting new product that revolutionizes the pillow industry. Don't let the competition fool you- Moosh Pillow™ is ONE OF A KIND, and is the best quality pillow on the market! All you have to do is pick one up and squeeze and you will understand how amazing these pillows actually are. To touch it is to love it...

In fact, Richard Branson loved them so much, he agreed to put them on ALL Virgin Atlantic flights!

"I am very pleased that we will be introducing these new pillows in our award winning Upper Class Suite, especially as other airlines are taking away such comforts," said Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Atlantic Airways.

"When the Rebel Billionaire contestants presented this idea to me, developed in Hong Kong, I knew immediately it was something our passengers would enjoy. I sleep with my pillow every night wherever I am in the world whether I am on one of our flights or even in my own bed. In time we also plan to provide the cushions for all passengers regardless of what class they are traveling in." - Sir Richard Branson.

Moosh Pillow™ is comfy, trendy, squeezable, hip, and fun.  They also helped Steve get over a lower back injury suffered on the ATP professional tennis tour.  Now he only sleeps with his Moosh Pillow™!   To Shop Moosh click here.

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